You climb into the drivers seat not knowing what you are about to experience...

The cockpit seems more like that of a fighter jet than that of a sports car. With the engine idling, there is little more than a soft, baritone rumble coming from the four chromed exhaust pipes. Revving the engine gives you the feeling of ultimate power. Ease the shifter into first gear and the six-speed transmission responds with reassuring precision. Press down on the accelerator and experience total exhilaration. Both intercooled turbochargers emit a shrill hiss, and 32O horsepower pours into the full-time all-wheel-drive system. Enormous 18-inch alloy wheels and 245/40 Z-rated tires dig into the pavement, the suspension tenses, and the 3OOOGT VR-4 launches off the line.

Sweep into the first turn, and the same-phase four-wheel steering generates breathtaking stability. The steering wheel is alive with information about the road. Your confidence soars. Your heart pounds. You can feel the intense power of which you are in control. Accelerate out of the turn and all wheel drive with two limited-slip differentials creates unyielding traction. You power out of the corner with riveting control. The car appears to be riding on rails.

On the open highway, the Active Aero system automatically adjusts the front air dam and rear spoiler, leveraging the wind for even more stability - without increasing aerodynamic drag. Electronically controlled shock absorbers immediately adapt to changing conditions.

At cruising speed, you pull the shifter back into sixth gear. Before you know it, you're flying thru the atmosphere at 172mph! The engine settles down into an easy rhythm, the suspension relaxes, and the 3OOOGT VR-4 seems to become a form of transportation that NASA has overlooked...

I am fortunate enough to experience this thrill every day!


I am the proud owner of a Caracas Red 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4.

Current performance modifications as of 3/15/2011:

Note that all of the specs and dragtimes listed below are from 2002 when I had ONLY BPU - a basic setup without 90% of the mods above

Approximate Flywheel HP = 400hp as of 2002. (Update 8/2008) I haven't had it dyno'd or raced it since adding a lot of the mods. I'll be upping the boost soon once I get the WI/AI injection, new turbos, injectors, etc. tuned just right. Then, out to the track and the dyno!

My most recent timeslips in 2002 from drag racing at Union Grove Dragaway were a little better than I had expected. I know I can break into the high-12's if I improve my 60ft time and lighten the car up a little. My best results (as of 5/24/2002) are (timeslips below):


Click on each image below to see the full picture...

Chapor VR-4 identity kit. See for more info

Download the 3Si flyer in .pdf format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at

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